Pizza Hut Helped A Woman Who Was Held Hostage!

Pizza Hut is not only one of the world best’s pizza restaurants but in times of need they do work as crime fighters too.

Recently a woman from Florida used a Pizza Hut order form to ask for help and Pizza Hut did help the woman and her three children who were held hostage by the woman’s boyfriend.

Police reported that Cheryl Treadway and her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson were arguing and fighting throughout the day and Nickerson started scaring her with a knife too.

The woman tried to leave her house to pick up her kids from school. Nickerson also went with her to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere else. When she was back home, Cheryl asked her boyfriend for her phone and used the Pizza Hut app to order a classic pepperoni pizza and added in the comment section “Please help. Get 911 to me”.

When the employees at Pizza Hut got Cheryl’s cry for help. They took it seriously and sent police to her residence.

When police reached to Cheryl’s residence. They found Cheryl and her three kids were held hostages by Nickerson. The deputies successfully convinced Nickerson to let the woman and her kids go and surrender himself.

Nickerson was immediately arrested and charged with battery, false imprisonment among other charges.

Candy Hamilton who works as Pizza Hut’s manager said that she has never witnessed any such incident in her 28 years career so far. She added that when they received Cheryl’s cry for help so they took it very seriously and sent the police immediately at her given address.

Source : brightside


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