A Real Life Love Story Of An Elderly Couple Who Died Within 4 Minutes Of Each Other!

An elderly married couple who have been married for over 71 years, each passed away with the gap of 4 minutes only.

No, this isn’t a plot from a romantic Jane Austen novel or a Woody Allen movie, this is real life and it happened with Wilf Russell, 93 and Vera Russell, 91 from the UK.

The report has revealed that Wilf Russell was at Leicester Care Home passed away at 6.50 pm. In the next four minutes, the family got another tragic news that Vera Russell also died. At that time Vera was at another hospital known as Leicester Royal Infirmary which was three miles away from the hospital of her husband.

Their granddaughter Stephanie revealed that her grandfather, Wilf was diagnosed with Dementia over a year before and her grandmother would come to visit her grandpa and he wouldn’t recognize her. That was the moment from where her health was on a continuous decline.

The family members of Wilf and Vera also revealed that Vera and Wilf met when they were 16 and 18 respectively. They married during the World War II.

The granddaughter Stephanie also revealed that Vera died even before anyone would tell her that what had happened to her husband.

Their family is devastated but is saying that this is how God had planned for them because they both wouldn’t be able to live without each other.

Their family members also added that they were indeed an exemplary couple who lived happily with each other for over 71 years and their story is indeed nothing less than a plot from a book or movie.

Source : elitereaders

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