Research Says That Bad Bosses Are Detrimental For Employees’ Health!

Last year we another study came around which revealed that employees don’t leave their jobs but instead they leave their bosses. The same thing has been proved right by another research which recently got published.

It doesn’t end there, the researchers from Harvard Business School and Stanford University did the research with over 200 respondents and have also said that having an extremely bad boss is equal to being exposed to a dangerous fire.

The study also added that over 75 percent American employees said that their bosses are their biggest stressors at work. In this case, most people leave their jobs but the ones who stick to it get more harm they would ever imagine.

Having a narcissist and unsupportive boss places the employees 50 percent more at risk to mental health issues.

The study also added that most of the times the reason that employees suffer from stress and job burnout isn’t the work load but instead an uncooperative boss.

Source : elitereaders

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