Researchers create “aqua man crystal”. A Type of grain that will help people breath under water and much more

Life under water is important beautiful and people love to discover it but people hate to wear that heavy oxygen cylinder as they say that it doesn’t give them total freedom to explore.

To solve this problem researchers at the southern Denmark with help from university of Sydney have created a material called aqua man crystals. This material can absorb oxygen and help you breath later

A professor at the university of Denmark states

“A few grains are enough for one breath and as they absorb oxygen around the diver they will now need to carry a lot of grains”

The material can absorb oxygen as well. Just like it can absorb it from air.

Although some more work need to done on that but this invention can eliminate the need of using these big heavy oxygen tanks

This material will not just help divers but will also help people with different lung disorders. With the help of this invention patients will never need to carry oxygen tanks with them.

Source: elitereaders

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