Rude Guy Gets Schooled By A Woman After He Stole Her Parking Spot!

Whoever drives a car knows this that finding a parking spot is tuff, very tuff. It takes a lot of time and energy. You look around and around for that perfect spot but fail. So when you do find that has been alluding you for all that time, you feel something that can’t be described. It’s a feeling of eternal happiness but sometime someone steels this from you and you feel betrayed and stolen from.

It’s a feeling of pure disappointment and hate. Sometimes you want to get up and bash the person driving the other car against his own windshield. Sometimes you want to get off your own car and confront the man and make him leave your spot but in the end you just drove off.

But in this case this women got her revenge on the person who stole his parking spot.

As you can see in the video. AS she was prepping up to get her spot, a man drove in and stole her spot. To seek redemption she drove in and left the man stuck in a very tight spot.

This moment was priceless and funny. No one can keep their cool if they are deprived off their parking spot but she handled the situation with utter grace.

Source: elitereaders

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