School Gives Students PE Credits for Helping Elderly and People With Disabilities Do Yard Work

Students are usually not too excited, but after they get involved and start working in the yard, they become very motivated. What they really like is: helping ordinary people. They really like to return to people and to meet the person.

Some schools in eastern Iowa change the standard when it comes to students’ physical education credits.

While some students across the country have earned some PE credits with extra-curricular activities such as athletics and maraging band, this learning center gives students the opportunity to do something else: work in the yard.

The Alternative Learning Center is a school for high school students who are at risk of getting out of school. The school offers courses outside the traditional high school as an alternative

Part of the curriculum of the school is a selection of activities that should be considered as PE credits, according to KWWL. This school year, some students help people in the community who can not work for themselves.

Master Tim Hitzler said that he and his pupils will see leaves, pull the weeds, grass and all other tasks that may need to be completed during the year. He said he wanted to add work to the yard as an option for activities at the end of the year, because it helps students and the community.

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