Screw Shaped Spy Cams Arein The Market And People Should Beware Now!

It is needless to say that technology has changed our lives and for most parts it is for the better. Spy cams are another thing that have made our lives better.

These little things are so compact and now come in every shape and size. Some are made into pens or any other shape but these little babies are like screws

They are easily available now

Like always humans have taken wrong advantage of this invention and have used them to deploy them in places where they do not belong.
Ruined technology


“This is for everyone who use public washrooms. Beware some perverts have deployed these cameras in public washrooms or people who want to blackmail you have found a way to do that by using these cameras”

“So beware and check the washroom before you use them. Stay safe, it’s a bad world.”

They are very hard to detect

They look like they are the part of the door but they are not and people should take care and look out for these little demons

It’s sad how people have ruined this great piece of innovation and again have proven that it’s a bad, bad world.

Source : elitereaders

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