You Have To See This Award Winning Animated Short Film On The Importance Of Creativity!

We live in a world where we are forced to do what others before us had done. In most situations we feel like as if our society is dictating us what to do and what not to do. When this happens, it instantly kills out all the creativity from our lives.

A lot of times it also happens that we force our kids into selecting certain subjects in school and we don’t let them decide things on their own. Recently an animator from Madrid has made a highly creative and incredible animated short film which revolves around the importance of creativity. The 7-minute short film gives us a great lesson that what could happen and go wrong if we remove creativity from our lives.

The short film is also about healthy parenting that parents in the modern age and time should made their children accountable of their own lives and careers. Parents should allow their kids to make major decisions of their lives on their own.

The highly acclaimed short film has been made using only Blender which is an open-source 3D rendering program.


Source : boredpanda

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