These Smiling Axolotls Are The Cutest Thing That You Will See Today!

These branch like things are its gills

Professor Stephane Roy states

“You can cut the spinal cord, crush it, remove a segment and it will regenerate. You can cut the limbs at any level the wrist, the elbow, the upper arm and it will regenerate and it’s perfect. There is nothing missing there is no scarring on the skin at the site of amputation every tissue is replaced. Thy can replace the same limb 50, 60, 100 times.

Wolverine is a thing of the past now

”Axolotl of various colors occur in captivity, including gray, shades of brown, leucistic (white with black eyes) golden albino, white albino, as well as other verities”

Axolotls who live in the wild are of different color

Their color may differ but they always smile

It is so cute that there is even a pokemon character modeled after it – Mudkip

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