Furious Restaurant Boss Sprays Smoker In The Face

Cigarette smoking is the direct cause of chronic clogging pulmonary disease, and smoking cessation is the most effectual means of stopping the progress of chronic hindering pulmonary disease.

A violent restaurant owner has sprayed an unsusceptible smoker in the face with a fire extinguisher after the man declines to stub out a cigarette.

A video of the happenings begins with Alex Jamison urging a smoker to put out his cigarette.

He informs to smoker Jon Bird that the area is for customers enjoying a meal at the vegan eatery.

Bird said he was volunteering for a function at the Gallivan Center off Gallivan Avenue in downtown Salt Lake City when he plains out to smoke a cigarette near the curbing about 5.30 pm on Friday.

Talking to KSL TV, Bird explained: “He came out with the energy of enmity, a fire extinguisher in his hands, and said, ‘I told you, you can’t be here’.

The fire extinguisher is fired at Mr Bird
The fire extinguisher is fired at Mr. Bird (Image: Facebook)

“He just told us this a non-smoking area and we required to walk away from his constitution of the business.

Bird added: “I’m still in daze and awe. I feel dizzy, kind of shaken up that something like this could actually occur.”

He actually thins forward before a burst of white powder hits him in nose and eyes

This all happens due to smoking that’s why Smoking cessation is the best way to quit smoking.

Mr. Bird told a local television station in Salt Lake City, KSL, that he had been volunteering at an arts festival in the city when the incident happens.

While Utah law forbids smoking within 25 feet of the approach of any business. He considers he allowed to smoke in that part of the street but that’s not reality.

Source: Milo Boyd

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