Some Times You Just Need To Hear How Much You Mean To Someone

Some Times You Just Need To Hear How Much You Mean To Someone

Telling someone that you love them is as important as loving them.


People often love you so much and care for you but you don’t know about it, because you haven’t heard it from them. We don’t really tell anyone that we strive to know how much that person loves us or cares for us. There are many words that can melt you heart in seconds.

Listening to things like “I love you”, “You mean the world to me”, “thank you for being in my life” can surely make you feel special and loved. In this busy life all we need is to hear these statements from our friends and family to keep us together in this short life.

People have this misconception that it is not necessary for a person to express themselves through these words, rather only loving someone by heart is enough. The truth is that whatever is in your heart, must be on your tongue. This makes the other person clear about your feelings.

Expressing yourself through words just not only makes you feel satisfied but also makes someone else’s day as well. You don’t know how much your words actually mean to someone. It does not make you small or weak when you tell someone about how you feel about them. Life is so short to think about things like these.

Communication is the key element in a relationship, when the two or more individuals express them-selves they make their relationship much more sustainable. Out of many ways to show love, words are the most-sweeter and healthier. Remember this also that your non-verbal communication is as important as your verbal communication with your loved ones.

Words are actually a blend of feelings that a person has for someone. These words can make someone’s life way much better, it can motivate them, inspire them or maybe they would drag them from the dark part of their life into a shiny one.

Most importantly when talking about children, they are thirsty for communication like this. They are desperate to here from everyone about how they feel about them and what they want them to do. One the other hand children also are likely to express themselves to other people with their pure heart. Putting barriers in this communication might not result good for the development of children’s mind.

Lastly, as we know we have been struck by social media from the past decade, it is important for us to know that communication which is done face to face is much more fruitful than communication which is done on social media. We are so busy that we use the same old copied words for each other on social media to fulfill the formality.

Keep in mind that the people we love have the right to know what is in every inch of our heart because of that what makes a relationship more long-lasting and valuable.

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