A Spoiled Boy From China Kicked Her Mother In The Face And The Reason Will Shock You To Say The Least.

It is nothing but disgusting when children treat their parents in an ill manner let alone hurting them.

Recently a video from China landed up on the internet and got viral for all the wrong reasons.

A nine year old boy accompanied his mother and grandmother to a hospital in the Guangzhou city because the grandmother had a routine check-up at the hospital. The mother and boy were sitting in the waiting area and their grandmother was inside the clinic for her check-up.


The boy quickly got bored and asked her mother for her cellphone because he wanted to play some games. The boy played on the phone for some time and after that the mother asked him to return her phone.

After the mother’s repeated requests to the boy to return the phone, the boy didn’t give it back to her but instead started kicking her. He even went as far as kicking her in the face.


This is absolutely disgusting behavior on the part of the nine year old. This thing happened at a public place. So one can only wonder what the boy would do to her when they are in the confines of their home.

We really hope that the parents and the guardians of the child get him some psychiatric help because this is anything but normal behavior.

Source : elitereaders


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