This Story Of A Friendly Yet Thirsty King Cobra Who Drank Water From A Bottle!

In India, the situation after severe droughts is so bad that even a giant king cobra had to leave his venomous lifestyle and went to a village in search of water.

Usually king cobras are dangerous and people like to stay 100 miles away from the deadly reptile but this king cobra was unlike any other snakes. Also, these type of snakes don’t really prefer human confrontations and when they come near to a human, they like to attack them.

When the king cobra first entered into a village, the villagers got scared but when they realized that the snake is just in search of water after droughts, so the villagers decided to show some compassion for the animal.

The villagers began the rescue operation. First, a man hold the cobra’s tail from behind in order to prevent it from attacking anyone. Then another man splashed some water on the reptile’s head to inform him that they aren’t doing no harm to it. Then after splashing the water, the man extended the water bottle to its mouth and then the cobra drank it effortlessly.

The whole episode went smoothly and the snake behaved himself and didn’t attack anyone. Later an animal care facility took the snake for its further treatment.

Watch the interesting video below!

Source : boredpanda

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