This Story Of One-Legged Man From Philippines Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons!

Lots of times it happens in life that we don’t thank God for the blessings he has bestowed upon us. It often happens that we complain for very trivial things and totally forget that there are so many people out there who aren’t so blessed; yet they make the most out of their situations to earn a living.

Recently a story of one-legged man, Alan Aguilar from Philippines became viral on internet. People appreciated his courage and bravery that despite his deficiency he is still working hard to make a living.

A Facebook user, Lodalina Tomon first shared the story of Alan on the social media networking website which later on got shared on other media platforms.

Allan was born in a poverty stricken family in Mindanao which is one of three main islands of the country. He was able to attend school till only Grade 1 since then he started working to support his family.

He once got into an accident on his way to forest. His right foot got affected due to the accident. His family didn’t have the money for the treatment. Hence, his right foot had to be amputated.

Despite this tragedy, Alan continued to work hard to earn a living for his family. Things got more difficult for Alan after the accident as he was bullied by his brothers-in-law on numerous occasions.

He is settled now in the Mabicay village for over a decade. He makes a living by selling farm products each day. Every day he has to carry 50 kg worth of bananas or other fruits on his back to the center of the town which is around 2 km away.

Since Alan’s story got shared on social media, people have shown interest in him and decided to help him. A lot of people have said they want to help him to get a prosthetic leg.

We do pray that a lot of people come forward to help him to make his life easier. Although he doesn’t complain about anything which makes him more praise worthy.

Alan has proved that the human spirit is indestructible.

Source : elitereaders

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