These Survival Tips For Earthquakes That Everyone Should Know!

No one is safe from natural disasters. Hence it is highly important that we all should know the survival tips for these kind of natural disasters.

1.An Earthquake Emergency Kit.

  1. An emergency kit for these type of natural disasters like earthquake, hurricane or floods should always be ready in your home.
  1. The emergency first aid kit should have all the necessities.
  1. Apart from it, you should also secure canned food and water for all the family members.
  1. The emergency kit should also have other items like batteries, flashlights, can opener, whistle, toilet paper, garbage bags and a radio.

2.Move Your Furniture and Other Appliances.

  1. When you know that there are serious chances of earthquake striking in your area, so it is advisable to move certain furniture and electronic appliances in your home to avoid the damage.
  1. Also repair leaky gas connections and any fault in the electrical wiring. These things could prove hazardous at the time of an earthquake.

3.Stay Indoors at the time of an Earthquake.

  1. At the time of an earthquake, it is always advised to stay indoors.
  1. Stay away from the fireplace, heavy furniture or electronic appliances.
  1. Do not use the elevator.
  1. Stay away from the doors and windows too.
  1. It is recommended to stay under desks, cupboards, beds or other such objects.
  1. Never exit a room or a building at the time of shaking.

4.If you’re outside, then don’t go inside.

  1. If you are outside then it is recommended that you stay outside.
  1. Avoid sitting under or near the trees or powerlines.
  1. Also stay away from trees, powerlines, billboards, large signs and under passes.
  1. If you are near the sea or ocean, go to a high ground because earthquakes also cause tsunamis.

5.If you are driving, then slow down!

  1. If you are driving then slow down when you feel it is safe to do so.
  1. Keep your seat belts on the entire time.
  1. Keep listening your local radio station for all kinds of updates.
  1. You should also have an emergency road kit with you in your car.

6.After the Earthquake.

  1. Beware of the aftershocks after the earthquake.
  1. Avoid going out and take proper precautions the way you did before the earthquake.
  1. Keep listening your local radio.
  1. Treat your wounds using your first aid kid.

7.If one is trapped under the debris.

  1. If you get trapped under the debris, then avoid lighting a match because it could cause more trouble or danger.
  1. Cover your mouth from a cloth or your hand.
  1. Don’t scream or shout or do it only when you feel the help has arrived.
  1. Make sure the dangerous gas doesn’t go inside your mouth.
  1. Keep a whistle with you so you can blow it to let others know you are alive.

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