Tattoo Artist Pranked, As Large Breast Explodes.

People were different before, people had different perceptions about everything. If you get a tattoo in the past, well it was something that was frowned upon and is never appreciated and today people of all professions get it just for fun and don’t see it see it as a bad thing

Tattoos have been around for a long time and people from many cultures in the past got them but now times have changed and people do it to show their social believes or to cherish or remember something that was done in the past or to show affection towards someone

This video has ripped apart social media in china

A women with a tattoo on her right leg went to a tattoo parlor to get her left arm done

The tattoo artist was working hard and trying to give her the best result.

In the past 20 years the craze of getting a tattoo has boomed in china

In the past it was something associated prisoners or people from the prison

But now things have changed and people get it or mark an achievement or to remember someone by etc, much like the US

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