Thanks To A Donor Family A Baby Whose Heart Stopped Has A New Life! Kindness At Its Peak

Whenever you welcome a new life in the world it an exciting time for the parents but Alaska welcomed their baby boy with a lot of tension as he was diagnosed with severe heart problem when she was 20 weeks pregnant

The baby had to go through a heart surgery straight after birth as the parents waited.

They were heart broken when they learned that their baby had a heart problem

The dad stood up as he realized that his family needed him

He said in an interview:

“If there was ever a time in which I needed to stand up as a dad and husband it was that”

“I made sure that every step I took helped them morally”

He made a lot of efforts and helped his family, despite all the efforts his family was always struggling. A Family stepped up and made the surgery possible with the donation

He wrote a very emotional letter to the mother of the family who donated their baby’s heart

During the surgery Lincoln’s heart stopped and the family was devastated

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