The 10 Most Notorious Falls On Fashion Runway Of All Time!

As easy as it may look, walking on the runway is no joke at all. One needs years of practice, unbridled confidence, charm and spark to walk on the runway effortlessly.

Over the years various models have fell down while walking on the ramp due to wardrobe malfunction or accidental breakage of their high heels. Although some models can manage to handle any unforeseen incident on ramp while others aren’t so good at it.

Today we’ll talk about 10 of the most notorious falls on the ramp of all time.

1. Anyone can fall on the ramp even the designers and boutique owners too. In 2008, fashion designer K. Morgan learnt a good lesson that missing dress rehearsals isn’t a good idea.

When the designer came for the final bow on the ramp after the show. She fell hard because she wasn’t aware that nobody was supposed to walk on the middle of the stage. Later the designer confessed that missing dress rehearsal was a bad idea.

2. Even the most experienced models fall on the ramp once or twice in their careers.

The same happened with Maria Lafuente in Madrid. On her way back on the ramp, her ankles gave up completely and she almost fell on the ramp but still managed to handle it well.

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