The Dad Who Pushed Limits To Tell Her Daughter What Her Limits Are. Great Story…

The teens is a very tender age. You become rebellious and want to just grow up as you think that your parents or elders are just wrong and want to confine you to these boundaries that have no reason behind them.

The efforts parents put to raise a decent child is immense and ask any parent and they will tell you that this the teens is a make or break age. If you go on the right path you will conquer the world and if you stumble it could really be a hard life ahead.

People have a different way of handling things but this dad in particular handled his rebellious daughter with fines.

The daughter tells the story:

When I was young I was a bit of a rebel. I hung out with stupid kids and did some bad stuff but nothing too serious. So when I hit drinking age naturally my parents were worried. They knew that no matter what they said I would do whatever I want to.”

So finally my dad came up to me and said:

“Hey Retiko lets go out for a drink some time! I’ll take you to where ever you want to. It will be great”

When we finally went out for a drink he said:

“All right! Drink whatever you want and don’t worry I will make sure that we reach home safely.”

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