If I tell a kid from this generation that once there was a time when Nokia was the global leader when it came to mobile phones. People were incredibly happy about their models and their model 3310 was a super hit.

The phone which had features that were never seen before such as a stop watch, calculator, reminder function and voice dialing and if these features were not enough games were a major attraction.

An astounding 126 million units were sold world white

The battery time was something unheard of it could last 260 hours on standby. The texting feature was amazing as well. It allowed 459 characters per SMS, which was 3 times more than any other phone offered and more thanwhat twitter offers now.

The new look of this legendry phone is epic as well.

If this wasn’t enough the best quality of this epic phone was durability. People were often stunned by the strength of this little guy and how it could survive a fall that even some humans couldn’t.

It qualifies as the perfect first phone for kids

The new Nokia 3310 mobile phone, developed by HMD Global OY, in dark blue, warm red and yellow, sits on display during a product launch event in London, U.K., on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017. Licensee HMD Global says more Nokia-branded models to launch in first half of 2017. Photographer: Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg

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