The Man Was Angry At A Doctor But When He Heard His Story He Was Stunned!

A doctor was called on duty urgently. He didn’t take much time and was at the hospital in no time. He found the patients boy walking up and down the coli door and as soon he reached there his father exploded

The doctor was nice and explained himself and asked him to calm down.

“Calm down!!!” the father shouted angrily.

The doctor with a smile on his face assured the father that he will try his best to save his son’s life and all they need to do is pray

“Giving advice when we are not concerned is easy” murmured the man

After the surgery which took longer than expected the doctor came out and told everyone that the boy is safe and said that if they have questions the nurse is there.

Which made the father even angrier and dis satisfied.

The nurse than said “His son died in an accident, he was in his son’s burial and now that he has saved your son’s life he is going back”


Source: elitereaders

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