The New Braille Smartwatch Allows People To Feel Messages On The Watch’s Screen!

A recent report has shed light on the fact that there are over 285 million people in the world who can’t see. The South Korean developer Dot was aware of this fact and has come up with world’s first Braille smartwatch and its features will blow your heads off!

The Dot shows the information using the four active Braille cells. The smartwatch users can select the speed at which the characters update. Then the Dot connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth exactly the way it is done in any smartwatch and in this manner, it can receive any text from any text message app.

The Braille smartwatch users can also send simple text messages using the buttons of the side of the Braille smartwatch.

Although a large number of such services have been around for the blind people but this Braille smartwatch has taken things to a whole new level.

The Dot smartwatch has been in the works since the last three years and the company has finally decided to start delivering the smartwatch to some 140,000 blind people. It is being said that famous singer Stevie Wonder is also one of them.

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