The Reason Behind You Wake Up And Can’t Move Sometimes.

Have you ever felt that you can’t move after wakingup?It’suncomfortable and people have said that they also struggle while breathing.

Before we put it down to super natural things. I should inform you that medical studies habve been carried out and as many as 7.6% people experience this thing called sleep paralysis

What is sleep paralysis?

It is not dangerous but very uncomfortable. The real reason has not been discovered yet but it is caused by interruption between different sleep stages

During the REM stage the body goes into a paralyzed state. Sometimes even after the REM state the body is in a paralyzed state and does not respond even after waking up

Different experiences during sleep paralysis

The Incubu

In this case people feel that they are pinned down but someone and that they can’t breathe. Scientist believe that it’s just a trick that their mind play as they are scared

The Intruder


Some people say they say a shadow like figure in the room. HyperVigilant state of mid brain is what it is named by the expertsand they believe that the slightest of sound sends fear through the body

Out Of Body Experience

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