Remember The Starving Kid Left To Die By His Parents? He Just Had His First Day Of School

Just when we had lost all hope in humanity this story jumps out and gives everyone a little hope. Late last January a Danish worker Anja Ringgren Loven decided to adopt this kid and showed all of us that with a little bit of care we can change someone’s life. A heartening was captured when (the Danish worker) was giving this Nigerian kid who she named hope a much needed drink of water. Hope has now fully recovered and is now starting school.

DINNødhjælp (the relief) is the organization found the boy, it is the same organization Jane works for. Some of the kids are labeled as which and are tortured or killed by their own parents, this organization saves them and try to provide them a safe environment. These kids are labeled as witches by the religious leaders in Nigeria to convince the parents to perform exorcism and make some money in the process. Anja and her team protect these children and try to provide shelter.

A lot changes in a year, You will not recognize the kid found nearly starving to death in Nigeria.

Exactly after a year the kid “HOPE” has totally transformed and is started school.

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