The TV life is not all glamour. It has its cons as well. The best TV bloopers of 2017

So there was a large blooper in the academy awards this year and most of us are thinking that they had one JOB but this isn’t the full story. I am not from the TV industry but the stress they go through is un imaginable and Its not a business designed for me.

Just imagine what does it feels like to speak in front of a room full of people that know you. It’s hard. In a live show you have the eyes of the world on you. A live show has to go perfectly because if you make an error people are going to notice it and are going to post online. So even if one of the millions noticed it, the error can be a breaking news in a matter of hours

Things like a normal slip of a tongue or work place banter can go a long way into make king you in to internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. Just watch the video below

This is only one single video just imagine that what some of these people go through every day

Source : viralthread

The boarding pass is not just a piece of paper so don’t post pictures of it online or thrown them away! They are more valuable than you think!

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