These 10 People Will Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

Making money in a legal way is really hard but doing so in illegal way and not being caught is harder.

We all know that Bill Gates is the richest man in the planet as of today, and by saying this we think about legal ways of making money, but if we look at the opposite way, definitely Bill Gates is just a nothing compared to giants of moneys of this planet.

The list we’re going to publish today contains 10 most influential peoples/families who own most of the moneys in the world. Some of them are still alive, and some of them have gone from this world despite the fact that their money still serves to their closest friends and family members.

#1 HOSNI MUBARAK ($70 Billion)

hosni mubarak net worth Hosni Mubarak Net Worth – © Humor Nation

The Egyptian President who was elected by corruption (1981 to 2011) holds the number 10 in this list. Came with corruption and governed with corruption, during this 30 years period he managed to save 70 billion dollars in his account. Surely he will never be on the Forbes list because of his illegal money. Mubarak was overthrown in 2011 but he’s still alive, has 89 years and enjoys his corrupted money. Rumors say that companies that likely run for him are worth $700 billion.

#2 BASHAR AL-ASSAD ($122 Billion)

bashar al assad net worth Bashar al Assad Net Worth –  © Humor Nation

We all know him, probably the most controversial President in this decade because of the civil war in Syria. The new dictator claims that his net worth $1.5 billion but that’s not true. Since the beginning of the war, many governments have frozen assets that are linked to Assad. British authorities have frozen $124 million, Switzerland $5m, Brussels has also been in a mission to freeze assets of 129 people and 49 companies linked to Assad, his close circle of family and friends altogether have a net worth equal to ¾ of the entire economy of Syria.

When you total up everything, the Assad wealth is worth $122 Billion, that makes him the richest dictator in this list.

#3 ALI ABDULLAH SALEH ($126 Billion)

ali abdullah saleh net worth Ali Abdullah Saleh Net Worth – © Humor Nation

Here’s another Middle East rich politician. Ali comes from Yemen, he was President for 30 years. He built his net worth $126 billion through corruption, by demanding kickbacks for oil and gas contracts, stealing public funds and many other ways. His assets with the help of big companies were stashed in at least 20 countries, many businessmen’s helped him to hide the funds.

He was killed in 2017 by the Houthi rebels near the capital Sanaa, but his family and associates still remain in power.

#4 PABLO ESCOBAR ($155 Billion)

pablo escobar net worth Pablo Escobar Net Worth – © Humor Nation

I guess we all know him. Some from the movies and some from tons of articles about the biggest drug cartel in the world, Pablo Escobar. Besides he had dozens of properties across Central America, his personal zoo, boats and cars, even submarine, due to the nature of the drug money, one cold night he fired $2 million just to keep his daughter warm and comfortable. He had so much money at that time in the 1980s that in the height of his power he brought in roughly $70 million a day/ $22 billion a year. At this time he supplied 80% of the world’s cocaine.

He was in Forbes list for the richest international billionaires for 7 years straight. Let’s not forget Forbes makes their estimates based on public records, and a man as intelligent as Pablo Escobar makes sure the majority of his net worth doesn’t really exist on paper. He was also known as ‘Robin-Hood’ for his good deeds, he always shared a percentage of his earnings with locals.

For the end, he was incarcerated in his self-made prison in 1991, where he could select who was imprisoned with him and who will be working in prison, also Colombian authorities were not allowed within 3 miles of his prison.

#5 KIM JONG UN ($170 Billion)

kim jong net worth Kim Jong Net Worth – © Humor Nation

Living in a dictatorial state is misery for their residents, but not for their leader. Despite the fact of poor life in North Korea, their leader Kim Jong-Un is extremely rich. He owns almost everything in North Korea, and that makes him living an extravagant way of life, with opened doors to everything in his country.

Their highly secretive state doesn’t allow even the smallest information to be spread, that’s why we don’t believe in a UN report of 2018 that Kim’s net worth is around $7-10 billion.

His source of money comes from different illegal activities like trafficking of ivory from Africa, drugs and alcohol smuggling and most of his income comes from state resources.

Most of his assets are in bank accounts in different countries opened under different names.

The North Korean dictator lives an extremely expensive life spending about $30 million in alcohol per year, he has watches worth $10 million, organizes a party to entertain his sympathizers in his private island, has multiple homes but his main home in Pyongyang has 1000-seater cinema.

#6 MUAMMAR GADDAFI ($180 Billion)

muammar gaddafi net worth Muammar Gaddafi Net Worth – © Humor Nation

Welcome back to another super rich hooman, Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan president who uncontested had control over the largest oil reserves in Africa for 41 years.

Gaddafi apparently net worth is $180 billion, his assets are in banks, corporate investments around the world, real estate, oil companies throughout Switzerland etc.

He is well-known for his golden gun, also its good to mention his luxury life with many mansions and his boats.

He was overthrown in 2011, despite the fact he doesn’t live anymore, billions of Gaddafi are still missing.

#7 VLADIMIR PUTIN ($200 Billion)

vladimir putin net worth Vladimir Putin Net Worth – © Humor Nation

And here we arrived in the richest man in this world. The Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is the richest man with $200 billion, although he claims that has only $2 billion, this amount was leaked on Panamas banks where he has stored billions and billions away from Russia.

While Putin might not be in the Forbes rich list, he is placed number one in the Forbes “Most Powerful People” list, and surely with a great wealth also comes to a great, powerful man. He’s not only the most powerful but even the richest man in the world thanks to all oligarchs paying to him in Russia. His life can easily be noticed on watches worth millions, private yachts, exclusive mansions etc.

#8 ROTHSCHILDS ($2 Trillion)

rothschild net worth Rothschild Net Worth – © Humor Nation

Now let’s avoid people, let’s talk a bit for extremely powerful families who somehow rule the world.

The Rothschilds, one large family who is well known for the maddest way of making money, a family covered with different conspiracies like: they stay behind every event where money takes place, behind every war, behind every monetary crisis, they stay behind every political party of countries with world influence, and so many different ways.

There are many members of this family that are far richer than Bill Gates, and these family members organize a meeting every year and make secret plans on how to control everything in this world not just money.

This family is net worth $2 Trillion but an interesting fact is that this family is in the second place from the richest families on the planet.

#9 House of Saud ($2 – 2.4 Trillion)

house of saud net worth House Of Saud Net Worth – © Humor Nation

So, if we talked about individuals who have made billions, it’s time to say something about the richest family at least for now, and definitely, that’s the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Every time we fill our cars with petrol, a few million for every barrel goes into the pocket of this family, and you can imagine the high price of oil and gas and their massive usage so based on that you know why this is the richest family in the planet.

Their wealth is highly secretive, they don’t allow anyone knows exactly how much they have but based on the fact that they are the world’s second oil producers, their net worth is likely in the range of $2 – 2.4 Trillion, and that makes them one of the richest family in the world.

#10 MANSA MUSA ($400 Trillion)

mansa musa net worth Mansa Musa Net Worth – © Humor Nation

I believe this name sounds unfamiliar to most of us because he’s dead, but it’s good to know because this name is the richest person of time ever. Mansa Musa was the king of the Mali Empire during the 14th century. He became emperor in 1307 and was the first African Emperor to be widely known in Europe and the Middle East. He pretty much owned the entire West Africa which is rich in natural resources, most of that was with gold. He had a net worth $400 billion.

That time he was not recognized by the rest of the world, but his journey towards Mecca that he made for a pilgrimage to fulfill one of the five pillars of Islam exposed everything how rich he was.

He brought with himself a caravan stretched as far as the eye could see. His caravan included 1000 attendants, 100 camels filled with gold, emperor’s preferred musicians, and 500 slaves bearing gold staffs.

He loved giving gifts, so while in a journey on his stop in Cairo he gave so much gold to the poor so that caused mass inflation.

These 10 People Will Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

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