These 10 People Will Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

#10 MANSA MUSA ($400 Trillion)

mansa musa net worth Mansa Musa Net Worth – © Humor Nation

I believe this name sounds unfamiliar to most of us because he’s dead, but it’s good to know because this name is the richest person of time ever. Mansa Musa was the king of the Mali Empire during the 14th century. He became emperor in 1307 and was the first African Emperor to be widely known in Europe and the Middle East. He pretty much owned the entire West Africa which is rich in natural resources, most of that was with gold. He had a net worth $400 billion.

That time he was not recognized by the rest of the world, but his journey towards Mecca that he made for a pilgrimage to fulfill one of the five pillars of Islam exposed everything how rich he was.

He brought with himself a caravan stretched as far as the eye could see. His caravan included 1000 attendants, 100 camels filled with gold, emperor’s preferred musicians, and 500 slaves bearing a gold staff.

He loved giving gifts, so while in a journey on his stop in Cairo he gave so much gold to the poor so that caused mass inflation.

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