These 10 People Will Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

#2 BASHAR AL-ASSAD ($122 Billion)

bashar al assad net worth Bashar al Assad Net Worth –  © Humor Nation

We all know him, probably the most controversial President in this decade because of the civil war in Syria. The new dictator claims that his net worth $1.5 billion but that’s not true. Since the beginning of the war, many governments have frozen assets that are linked to Assad. British authorities have frozen $124 million, Switzerland $5m, Brussels has also been in a mission to freeze assets of 129 people and 49 companies linked to Assad, his close circle of family and friends altogether have a net worth equal to ¾ of the entire economy of Syria.

When you total up everything, the Assad wealth is worth $122 Billion, that makes him the richest dictator in this list.

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