These 10 People Will Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

#5 KIM JONG UN ($170 Billion)

kim jong net worth Kim Jong Net Worth – © Humor Nation

Living in a dictatorial state is misery for their residents, but not for their leader. Despite the fact of poor life in North Korea, their leader Kim Jong-Un is extremely rich. He owns almost everything in North Korea, and that makes him living an extravagant way of life, with opened doors to everything in his country.

Their highly secretive state doesn’t allow even the smallest information to be spread, that’s why we don’t believe in a UN report of 2018 that Kim’s net worth is around $7-10 billion.

His source of money comes from different illegal activities like trafficking of ivory from Africa, drugs and alcohol smuggling and most of his income comes from state resources.

Most of his assets are in bank accounts in different countries opened under different names.

The North Korean dictator lives an extremely expensive life spending about $30 million in alcohol per year, he has watches worth $10 million, organizes a party to entertain his sympathizers in his private island, has multiple homes but his main home in Pyongyang has 1000-seater cinema.

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