These 10 People Will Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

#8 ROTHSCHILDS ($2 Trillion)

rothschild net worth Rothschild Net Worth – © Humor Nation

Now let’s avoid people, let’s talk a bit for extremely powerful families who somehow rule the world.

The Rothschilds, one large family who is well known for the maddest way of making money, a family covered with different conspiracies like: they stay behind every event where money takes place, behind every war, behind every monetary crisis, they stay behind every political party of countries with world influence, and so many different ways.

There are many members of this family that are far richer than Bill Gates, and these family members organize a meeting every year and make secret plans on how to control everything in this world not just money.

This family is net worth $2 Trillion but an interesting fact is that this family is in the second place from the richest families on the planet.

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