These 10 People Will Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

Making money in a legal way is really hard but doing so in illegal way and not being caught is harder.

We all know that Bill Gates is the richest man in the planet as of today, and by saying this we think about legal ways of making money, but if we look at the opposite way, definitely Bill Gates is just a nothing compared to giants of moneys of this planet.

The list we’re going to publish today contains 10 most influential peoples/families who own most of the moneys in the world. Some of them are still alive, and some of them have gone from this world despite the fact that their money still serves to their closest friends and family members.

#1 HOSNI MUBARAK ($70 Billion)
hosni mubarak net worth
Hosni Mubarak Net Worth – © Humor Nation

The Egyptian President who was elected by corruption (1981 to 2011) holds the number 10 in this list. Came with corruption and governed with corruption, during this 30 years period he managed to save 70 billion dollars in his account. Surely he will never be on the Forbes list because of his illegal money. Mubarak was overthrown in 2011 but he’s still alive, has 89 years and enjoys his corrupted money. Rumors say that companies that likely run for him are worth $700 billion.

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