These Acts of Vandalism Will Make You Laugh like Anything!

Vandalism is indeed wrong act and it is illegal to vandalize public or private properties or properties owned by government. But sometimes it is good not to take everything so seriously.

So today we have gathered 28 acts of vandalism that will probably bring a smile on anyone’s face.

1.Indeed it does look like one.

2.Bruce Lee destroying public infrastructure.

3.Indeed it is well drawn. A cheating wife and his lover hanging below the window.

4.Yeah, this one is really funny.

5.Special marks for creativity.

6.This one is even more creative but definitely it is quite PG18.

7.The message below proves it is true.

8.Whoever has done this had a great sense of humor.

9.A much better love story than ’50 Shades of Grey’.

10.This minion isn’t too friendly.

11.This one was indeed clever.

12.Someone answered it.

13.Must be a true Simpsons fan.

14.Whoever did this must be a genius.

15.Are kangaroos in Australia into skiing now?

16.This one is simple yet creative.

17.This one seems to be a bit symbolic. Isn’t it?

18.We want to give a silver medal to the person who did this. Someone’s drawing skills are seriously on point.

19.We take this one as a throwback to the old good gaming days.

20.This bro seems angry. Special marks for creativity goes to the bro who did it.

21.We do think this caution sign will have more impact.

22.This one is indeed really clever and clever.

23.Someone really has a dirty mind.

24.Either this one has a deeper meaning to it or an artist was too lazy to complete it.

Source: providr

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