These Documents Released from the CIA Will Shock You To Say The Least!

These Documents Released from the CIA Will Shock You To Say The Least!

CIA is definitely one mysterious organizations. It has been around for decades but still we don’t know much about it or what it does exactly? Although time and again we read and hear about its operations and its association with the government.

Over the years few documents have been released from the CIA to the public. These documents which released from the CIA in one way or another definitely has enough shock value to it.

  1. Invisible Ink

An official recipe of making invisible ink leaked from the CIA.

  1. Mind Control

Information related to the MK Ultra mind control experiment also leaked to the public via declassified documents.

  1. Uri Geller

Uri Geller remained a self-proclaimed psychic who has been a part of entertainment industry for years. The documents released by CIA also revealed that CIA once brought him in to test his abilities.

  1. UFO Sightings

The declassified reports of CIA gives an indication that CIA somehow doesn’t want us to know about UFOs or aliens.

  1. Investigations regarding UFO

In the 1950s a significant amount of documents released to the public regarding the existence of aliens and UFOs.

  1. Keeping Secrets

These documents are a clear proof that somehow the CIA wants to keep all the information regarding the UFO’s a secret.

  1. Vending Machine

Somehow the CIA thought it is important to keep the request for a vending machine classified for a lot of years.

  1. The Project of Paper Clip

When the World War II was near its end, the government of America relied heavily on getting the German scientists away. The project was named ‘the paperclip program’.

  1. The Cold War and Cuba

The declassified reports of CIA are full with information on the Cold War era and updates.

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