These Pictures of Puppies on Their First Day of Work Will Get You Out of Your Monday Blues!

These puppies indeed look super cute in these pictures but do take them seriously as well because they are on a serious mission.

Dogs are one of those few animals who enjoy important job positions in police, military, fire department, medicine field etc. Most dogs at work are Retrievers or Golden Shepherds because they are highly intelligent.

It is also said that the noses of service dogs are 60 times stronger than ours which make them a great asset for police or fire department.

These dogs also wear a vest which is their uniform to inform others that nobody should mess with the dog as the dog is on a serious mission.

Following are some ultra-cute pictures of service dogs on the first day of their jobs.

1.Like this picture of Tuco trying a vest for the first time.

2.A Guide God cuddling his puppy.

3.Or these cute pictures of a future seeing eye dog.

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