These Pictures Prove That There Are Different Beauty Standards Around The World!

4. While in most parts of the world it is all about being slim and being a perfect size-0. The opposite is the case in Mauritania where girls are sent to fat camps where they are force fed. In Mauritania obesity is a sign of beauty when it comes to women. Young girls have to gain a certain weight in order to get married.

Curvaceous women and stretch marks are considered a sign of beauty in Mauritania. Girls are sent to fat camps where they are fed over 3 times the diet of a professional male bodybuilder in order to look desirable.

Young girls are force fed goat milk and lots of oil food items. If they refuse to eat so then they are beaten. Mothers also force their daughters to go to these fat camps to become beautiful.

The practice of force feeding and sending young girls to fat camps is to fulfill their society’s needs and standards. In Mauritania, it is considered a sign of wealth and power that a man had a lot of money as his women are fat.

Source: providr

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