Thieves Finally Learn Their Lesson As Man Tired Of Getting His Packages Stolen Comes Up With A “BANGING” Idea….LITERALLY

So you are scrolling down and like a shirt on the internet but everything is so tight up in the bank account but find a way to order it. Then the waiting game starts and you wait and wait, only to realize that your package has been stolen. You didn’t even get to see the package all that hard earned money down the drain.

The same thing happened to a person in Tacoma Washington, his packages were being stolen from is porch. So he started leaving some gifts of his own, with a certain twist in it

Jaireme Barrow took an innocent looking amazon delivery box and rigged it for thieves. He installed a certain firing mechanism in it, it was armed with a blank 12 gauge shotgun attached to it.

“last 2 months I have had four packages come up missing  and I just wanted some way to even the score” Jaireme said. “This is the best way I see fit.”

This little box is just harmless but does its job. The sound of the empty shell is very loud and scares the thieves away

The video below shows that just how much of Jaireme bait is effective. The thieves were caught during their act on the camera as they strolled out on his porch to steal his package but were treated with a surprise

The reactions of the thieves were just hilarious, they just ran off like 5 year old girls.

Jamie insists that he has no intention of hurting the thieves but just want some redemption and want to teach them a bit of a lesson. Jamie has received many offers for the design of this little box but he has refused to give away this as he believes someone could get hurt

He said during an interview

“You know, you are at work and working hard and you have these people out there that make a daily routine of running around and stealing packages” 

Source: shareably

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