This 8 Year Old Had No Idea That He Was About To Meet Ed Sheeran!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that Ed Sheeran is simply one of the most talented musicians that we have today. His live performance of his recent No.1 single ‘Shape of You’ at Grammy’s 2017 further cemented the fact that he is in fact an immensely gifted artist.

We all also know Kai, the talented 8 year old who has been on The Ellen Show numerous times. Recently Kai was on the show again and was performing Ed Sheeran’s famous hits ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

Previously as well Kai has covered lots of famous songs. This time the little boy had no idea that he was about to meet the original artist of the song he was performing.

In the midst of Kai’s lovely performance of the song, Sheeran makes a surprise yet quiet entry and sits beside Kai on the couch behind Kai.

The minute Kai saw Ed Sheeran beside him, the little boy got the surprise of his lifetime.

Don’t forget to check out the adorable reaction of Kai after meeting his idol.

Source: aplus

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