This 8 Year Old Is Winning Hearts All Around The World!

Cayden Taipalus who is an 8 year old student from Michigan who studies in third grade at Challenger Elementary school did something way beyond his age when he found out his friend was refused to give a hot lunch at school because of lack of money.

Taipalus didn’t like it that his friend was given a cheese sandwich rather than a hot lunch because of lack of money. That day Taipalus went home and was upset and told his mother that he want to help his friends who are in need.

Taipalus and his mother came up with an idea to set up a website that could raise funds for children in need called ‘Pay It Forward: No Kids Goes Hungry”. Cayden then went on to promote the website in his friends and family circle to raise funds for children in order to pay the debts for other children’s lunches. He also went on to raise some funds on his own.

So far Cayden has been successful in raising over $7,000 US dollars through which over 300 students have purchased hot lunches. This young kid plans to keep the fundraising website continue as long as he could.

His mother and all the staff and faculty members of Challenger Elementary School are proud of the efforts of Cayden and have nothing but appreciative words for him.

It is highly commendable than an 8 year old has come up with such an amazing initiative that has taken such a big form in such a small time. We all are more than convinced that Cayden will continue to do amazing things till he grow up.

People like Cayden are heroes and we need more such people in our society, may God bless this kind spirited child.

Source: shareably

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