This Doberman gave his life away protecting his family from four venomous cobras. Dogs are love.

Doberman is being hailed for his heroics in India as he gave his life up to protect his family. As usual the dog was roaming about the property in the night time. At some point in the night he saw snakes crawling about in the property. If stats are to be believed snakes kill almost 45000 people in India per year

The Doberman are excellent guard dogs

So the fight begun and the dog kept on fighting even after getting bitten several times during the fight. He only rested when he had killed all 4 snakes one by one and was sure that his family was safe

The dog couldn’t survive as he had taken lot of pounding during the fight and venom had spread through his body

After his dogs death the owner was shattered and stated

“I am shocked he has made the supreme sacrifice for me and my family. I will remember him till my death. I pray to God- May his soul rest in peace”

The dog’s heroics spread through the village and people from all over the village came to pay their regards to the dog as he was given a proper send off.

Rest in peace bud.

Source : elitereaders

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