This Girl Has Been Called Is Known As The Most Beautiful Girl In The World?

A young French model Thylane Blondeau received the title of the most beautiful girl in the world in 2011 when she landed a spread in a Vogue Paris shoot. As much as the girl received compliments for her striking good looks criticism and controversies also followed.

The girl’s parents and agents received a lot of flak that a 10 year old girl was sexualized and was dressed up in quite provocative clothes for her age and had a lot of make up too. Although the compliments and criticism followed after the photo shoot for some time but that didn’t stop little Thylane Blondeau to pursue modeling.

Thylane continued modeling and the following are some of her photos.

  1. Nobody can believe that a young girl has become a model in her own right.

  1. It seems clear that modeling was her destiny.

  1. This photo also sparked a lot of controversy because a 10 year old Thyalne is wearing a lot of makeup and a very sexy outfit.

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