This Little Trick Will Make Your House Safer! All You Need Are Screws!

Whenever we think about home security. We tend to think that we have to spend a fortune on it and drop the idea and live while praying to God that nothing happens and sleep with a lot of tension. Sometimes we tend to consecrate on the big things and leave the little things out and leave out the little things that can help us improve our home security

A very valuable information was shared with us by a real estate agent Marianna Harrison on how we can improve our home security.It is something that was taught by our father

“My father gave me this advice when I moved into my first apartment and came to my house and changed the screws”

She added further

“The curators install small screws in the locks and most of them just bust up by a small kick from a burglar. It’s safer to install four-inch screws instead which are go through the door frame and into the framing of the house.”

While this little kick will not worn your house burglar proof but will buy you some time to call for help

“They can kick all they want and will get tired but they can get in so this trick will buy you some time to ask for help or arm yourself but the chances are that they will look for an easier target”

Source : elitereaders

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