This marine has revealed a trick about how we can stop drowning even when our hands and feet are tied

I think 99% of us will reply with a big fat NO when we will be asked that if we can survive after being thrown into the sea with our hand tied.

A seal would respond to this question by laughing and then saying yes

Clint a former navy seal wrote a book 100 deadly skills: the seal operative’s guide. In which he shared numerous skill he learned while mastering his art. Yes it did include the one we mentioned above

In his book 100 deadly skills: the seal operative’s guide, in which he shared numerous skill he learned while mastering his art.

Clint wrote:

“When an operative is captured in hostile territory, the odds of survival are low.”

“Instead of being taken on a trial, he will likely simply be made to despair- which is why operatives practice escaping while wearing while wearing undefeatable restrains on hand and feet, both in water or land”

“tied up thrown in open water, and left to drown to death, the well – trained operative still has to recourse to a few skills that can extend his life until he is found or reaches solid ground”


“When it comes down to self – preservation in water, the key to survival is breath control. With the lungs full of air, the human body is buoyancy – so deep breaths and quick exhales are key

“Buoyancy in freshwater is more challenging but still achievable.”

“Restrains and body positioning may make breathing a challenge. In shallow waters use a sinking and bouncing approach (see diagram below) to travel toward shore

“In rough seas, this may not give him enough clearance to get his head out of water. Instead, a full body rotation will allow him to take a deep breath and then continue travelling forward”

Source : elitereaders

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