This One Coin Made in 1943 Can Make You Filthy Rich!

Since the inception of the early 1909, the Lincoln pennies started circulating in the US. Throughout the 20th century, the Lincoln pennies were made of copper apart from just one year when World War II was at its peak. Cooper was needed a lot during the phase so pennies weren’t made of copper in the year 1943.

Hence, the pennies made in 1943 were either of zinc-plated steels or in some very rare cases, were of zinc-plated copper. Although the US government tried their level best to get rid of the steel pennies from circulating in the country after the World War II of 1943, but over the years few such copper coins have resurfaced. These coins are very rare and quite valuable too.

For instance, back in September 2010, a Lincoln coin made of bronze was sold at an auction for a whopping $ 1.7 million US dollar. Yes, you read it right. One coin was sold for almost 2 million US dollars.

Now we know you all must be checking your wallet or purses to look out for such coins. So before you start your hunt. We’ll tell you how these coins look like.

If the coin is produced in 1943, then you hit the jackpot.

This one is a bit tricky because you have to identify the coin by checking its chemical composition.

The easiest way to find out what is it made up of is just to look at your penny’s color very carefully. If your coin looks more like a typical copper coated penny, then your luck might be changed for good. Having said that, the color of the penny isn’t the only perfect way to identify if you really have that 1943 Lincoln penny, apart from the coin’s color, it is important that you do the magnet test as well.

If your coin attracts a magnet, then you are in luck and a proud owner of the legendary 1943 Lincoln penny.

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