This One Filipino Single Dad Truly Represents How Selfless Parents Are!

We can’t even count how many times our parents forgot about their own needs and necessities and took care of ours. This is exactly what one single dad from Philippines did recently and his photo with his daughters went viral on internet.

A single father from Philippines recently took his two daughters to a famous fast food restaurant ‘Jollibee’. He didn’t have enough money so he just decided to order for his daughters and sat there watching them eat.

The picture was taken by netizen Jhunnel Sarajan and it went viral the minute and he uploaded the picture on Facebook.

Sarajan also talked to the father and got to know he suffered a stroke recently and is the only bread earner of the family.

When Sarajan uploaded the picture on Facebook he made it clear that he had nothing but true love and respect for the father. He also said that it represents the true selflessness of our parents.

The man in the photo is known as Ryan Arebuabo who lives in a tiny shack with his daughters.

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