This Story Of A Little Boy Talking To His Dead Twin Brother Will Break Your Heart!

It is said that twin siblings share the strongest bonds. They can feel exactly what the other twin sibling is feeling. At times they fall sick together. In few cases it had also been seen that they die together as well.

Today we’ll tell you a story of a little boy known as Walker Myrick who still shares a strong bond with his dead twin brother.

Although Walker never get to meet his dead brother Willis Myrick. He only met him in the womb of his mother but still Walker pay routine visits to his grave.

When Walker joined the first day at his kindergarten in Alabama. He missed his twin brother and decided to pay him a visit in the cemetery after his class.

In 2007, Willis died in the womb of his mother due to a rare disease.

Below is the only picture of them together inside their mother’s womb.

Brooke Walker, the mother of the little kid said that Walker shares an amazing bond with his dead twin brother. He insisted to visit the cemetery after his class because he wanted to share what he did on the first day of his school.

Watch the video below in which Walker talks to his dead twin brother.

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