This Turtle Swallowed 915 Coins Over A Period Of 25 Years And Had To Go Through Surgery To Remove Them!

In Thailand people believe that people can avoid bad luck if they throw coins in a pond. To add to this people also think that it would give them a turtle’s life. This is the reason that a turtle swallowed 915 coins

This 25 year old turtle had been living in Thailand’sChonburiProvince.

The turtle was named OM SIN which means piggy bank

People wanted to insure that the turtles living in the region would not get disturbed during the landscaping of the area that they gathered 26 turtles.

The sight of the vt scan came as a shock to the vets

The turtles were taken to the sea Turtle Conservation Centre of the royal thai navy and they noticed that one of the turtle was sick.

At first it was determined that the turtle had a tumor

It was noticed that the turtle had a bigger stomach and because of that its shell broke, which caused an infection.

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