This Video Of What A Tsunami Wave Can Do Will Shock You!

December 26, 2004 remained one of the most eventful days ever in the history because a deadly tsunami took the lives of over 200,000 people in Indonesia, Thailand and India. The following video is a live raw video footage from Thailand which shows the destruction caused by Tsunami.

The tourists first can be seen having a good time at the beach and enjoying the sun. Minutes later, the tourists seem confused and worried as they see the tide has completely disappeared from the beach. Then all of a sudden they see the tide coming back in full swing.

The tide in the video is massive and the tourists look highly confused as they have never seen such a thing before. The wave continue to grow in size and onlookers ask to each other. Soon they realize that the wave is coming to the beach and this is what a tsunami look like.

As the deadly wave comes near to the shore, some beachgoers run for their lives while some got swept away.

All of a sudden the video shows that the entire area is flooded and everything is floating in water such as boats etc. Beachgoers are in panic and things got worse once the water begins to enter into the resort. Later in the video, we can also see the water is entering into the lobby as well. The scene very much looks like as it has been taken from Titanic.

United States Geological Survey reveals that this tsunami took lives of over 220,000 people and it is the deadliest tsunami the world has seen till today.

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Source: providr

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