This Zoo in China Puts Visitors in Cages and Lets Animals Roam Free

As a child, I never wanted to visit zoos or circuses because I could not understand what was so fun in watching closed and humiliated animals. Well, as an adult, I believe that the captivity of the animals is wrong for the essence because the other species have the same rights to life and freedom as we do.

There has been a lot of debate about captivity lately, and it makes sense why – keeping wild creatures in cages is inhumane, at least to say. Just think about it – not only have we deprived other living creatures of their natural habitat by harming the environment, but we also dare to close them for our own entertainment.

It seems that the zoo in China has found an unusual way to bring people closer to wildlife without biting animals.

The Lehe Ledu Zoo allows large cats and other wildlife species, such as bears, to move around for free and put visitors in cages. In this way, people have the opportunity to get close to the wild creatures without disappointment they see as captured in small cages, as in most zoos in the world.

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