A Toddler Walking On The Window Ledge Of A High Rise Building Is Indeed A Nightmare For Every Parent!

Parents often celebrate once their babies start crawling or walking. Once a baby starts crawling it is indeed a big milestone for the baby and parents. Although children of this age needs proper care because they are prone to dangers.

Things become more dangerous once a toddler starts walking. Of course the responsibility on behalf of the parents also increases dramatically because it is difficult to keep an eye on their children 24/7.

Recently a video of toddler walking on the window ledge shocked everyone on social media.

People who saw the video demanded that where were the kid’s parents and how they let him walk on the window ledge?

So far we didn’t get the response from the parents or guardians of this toddler but we are requesting parents to take proper care of their toddlers and children under the age of seven to avoid any serious consequences.

Source : elitereaders

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