Top 10 Drugs That That Cost A Lot Money And Your Life!

From a very early age we are taught that drugs are dangerous and will destroy are mental and physical health

Things have changed in recent time and people are fighting to legalize drugs such as marijuana rather than going to a place that will help them leave such a habit

There are also drugs that doctors prescribe to patients for medication. So this got us thinking that what the top most expensive drugs in the world?

  1. Glybera

1.2 million is the cost of this prescribed medication, which makes it the most expensive prescribed drug. After injecting Glybera people complaint of head aces, tiredness and much more

  1. Ecstacy

It is also called the love drug as it increases the perception of sound and love but like every other drug it also leaves its mark as users can suffer from depression, anxiety, psychopathic behavior and confusion. 68$ is the cost of one pill

  1. Elaprase

A drug which costs about 350,000$ yearly is used to treat some ginatic conditions. Swelling on face, passing out and trouble breathing are some of the side effects which this drug can cause

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